Our 2020 Garden

We have big plans for our 2020 garden.

I have been reading a lot of books about companion and succession planting.

Our neighbor so kindly rototilled our garden for us a week ago. We will be planting some organic music garlic for now to get us started and mulching over it until spring time.

In February, I will start some seeds in egg shells and keep them in the loft above our garage. I’m still figuring out what exactly we will be planting and how much of it. We definitely would like some herbs, so I can give them to the chickens and make salves etc. with them. I’ll be starting an herbalist program in March of 2020 through November, so I’m sure I’ll learn a ton during the program – I’m so excited!

Also, we’d like to plant some more fruit trees. Currently, we have Bartlett pears, golden plums, and a variety of apples. Preserving our Harvest is a big goal of mine and learning different recipes to can. Apple sauce and blackberry, blueberry, plum, strawberry, and raspberry, Jams were a big hit this year.

Cheers to learning and growing in 2020!

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