Why Buy Chicks From Us?

When we first hatched our own chicks, I knew this was going to be addictive. Ha!

Their sweet little PEEP PEEP sounds, as they emerge from their shell, is a constant reminder of why I love hatching chicks so much. Chicks are very delicate animals and will not hatch if the temperature or humidity isn’t perfect. However, the challenge is one thing that kept me wanting to learn more. Every lesson I have learned, I now apply to hatching chicks for others.

Quality Over Quantity

We are focused on quality over quantity, so local families can pickup healthy chicks that have not been on a stressful shipping journey.

Quite often, excited families go to the post office to pick up their chicks they ordered, to only find half of them dead. The journey is rough on the baby chicks and sadly that is the outcome  even for feed stores. Our goal is to give families healthy friendly chicks that have not been overly stressed.


When eggs go in the incubator, I try to send pictures of the chicks development when candling the eggs. Also, for those of you with kiddos at home, I always send hatching videos. It is fascinating and educational for all! Also, when you come to pickup your chicks you can ask as many questions as you’d like and we will help answer them or steer you to the right direction for a resource.

We take the time to love our chickens, so you know your chicks are coming from a home where temperament is important. The other thing we breed for is egg color. Who doesn’t love rainbow eggs in their basket each day?!?

Enjoy the world of chickens, while also feeding your family from your own backyard!


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