White Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Tour

Welp, we did it!

After a month, we finished our chicken coop. Rain or shine, our weekends were filled with getting this thing ready for our chickens.

My hubby did such a wonderful job and our neighbor Bob helped a ton!

My husband started with FREE 12×12 shed plans he found on www.construct101.com and made a few changes as we went.

White Chicken Coop

For the roofing, we went with is the Suntuf Polycarbonate Corrugated Roof Panel from Home Depot. It was easy to work with and quick to apply.

Ventilation is important for chickens, so we used 1/4″ hardware cloth to cover the holes up top along the back. We also have windows on the North and South sides of the coop, so we can get a nice cross breeze during the summer. The windows were gifted to us from our neighbor’s, who collect old barn windows. Have I mentioned yet we lucked out with amazing neighbors? Bob, Cindy, Rich, and Debbie we love you all!

For the paint, we went with Whisper White all over and Red Pepper for a pop of color on the door made by Behr from Home Depot.

Red Pepper Behr

Next, we added nesting boxes, made from one sheet of plywood that are 12×12″ each. In the corner is a roosting bar our neighbor found while pruning. It is the perfect diameter and pretty straight.

We also wanted an entryway for storage and a brooder box.  My husband framed a wall and I helped stretch chicken wire across it. There is a screen door our neighbor gave us that works perfectly as well.

For now, we have power using an extension cord, because our chicks are still too young not to have heat. Soon we will be putting the chicken run up and digging a trench so we can run power/water to the coop/garden area.

We still have some work to do, but it feels good to have the coop complete!

Shout out to my husband for always loving me, even when I have the itch for new adventures. I keep things exciting around here haha

Cheers to organic eggs in our future!


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