Joint The 2021 Waitlist

Chick season is right around the corner! I recently received 2 emails asking to be put on the waitlist for when we start hatch. I thought I’d create an easy form for anyone who would like on the waitlist to fill out. We will be offering the following chicken breeds this coming late winter and spring: French Black Copper Marans, Self Blue (Lavender) Ameraucanas, Olive Eggers, Easter Eggers, and Barnyard mixes. Everything you’d need for

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Top 5 Chicken Books

When I thought about writing this blog post, I picked up my most beloved chicken books. As I flipped through the pages, there were underlined sentences, words with stars, notes in the margins, and pages that looked worn. I am a lover of books and the memories of my learning journey they hold. Want to learn more about chicken keeping, but you don’t know where to start? Here are my Top 5 Book recommendations below

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black copper marans rooster

Order your Chicks and Hatching Eggs Today!

We are so excited to announce that chick season has begun! You can ORDER your chicks and eggs HERE The anticipation and excitement fill our hearts, as I hear little chirps coming from our brooder. Those fluffy cheeks and dainty wings are the sweetest things. Life is truly amazing and to be apart of each chick’s journey is an honor. This year we have French Black Copper Marans, Self Blue (Lavender) Ameracaunas, Olive Eggers, Easter

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Hey! It’s Ashley here!
Welcome to my corner of the internet. We will have fun talking about chickens, gardening, and everything that is happening in our kitchen. My motto is You Are What You Eat, so lets dig into some homesteading experiences together.

“A city mom’s journey from the hustle to sacred simplicity.”