Join The 2021 Waitlist

French-black-copper-marans-baby-chicks. Three French Black Copper Marans in grass.

With chick season right around the corner, it is time to join the waitlist!

I’ve received 2 emails the last two days asking to be put on the waitlist, so below I created an easy to fill out form for you. As soon as we are hatching chicks and selling eggs, you’ll get an email from us.

We will be offering baby chicks and hatching eggs of the following breeds: French Black Copper Marans, Self Blue (Lavender) Ameraucanas, Olive Egger, Eatser Eggers, and Barnyard mixes. The perfect selection to create a beautiful rainbow basket of eggs.

We are a small family owned farmed who believes in raising chickens with good temperament, egg color, and as close to the breed standard as we can get!

Quality over quantity is something we are proud of here.

Click HERE To Join The 2021 Chick/Egg Waitlist

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